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Good morning

"How do you like your eggs in the morning?"

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! Especially when you've got a long day on the fells ahead of you...  


Which is why we make sure our hearty breakfasts will keep you going until you reach a suitable way point for refreshment; like a pub (which would be a terrible shame wouldn't it!) 


All our guests, can enjoy our delicious cooked breakfast each morning, along with their choice from the breakfast buffet, plenty to give you all the energy you'll need to conquer that mountain! 


Liz prepares delicious homemade jams, marmalades, muesli and freshly baked bread to accompany our locally sourced produce.  


A selection of fruit juices


A selection of cereals (gluten free cereal available)


Liz's homemade museli (gluten free museli available)


Fresh homeade rolls


A selection of fruits, including grapefruit segments; prunes; fresh fruit salad and Liz's homemade fruit compote.


Greek and and assortment of fruit yogurts


Milk alternatives available (either soya; rice or almond milk available) 

FROM THE kitchen


A freshly served pot of tea in a range of flavours (Breakfast, Earl grey, Decaf, Green, fruit etc.), a cup of our Columbian roast Arabica coffee (Decaf available) and wholemeal or white toast, available throughout your breakfast from the kitchen.  


Milk, jam, marmalade and butter provided on your table. 


A bowl of creamy homemade porridge, served with your choice maple syrup, brown sugar or honey.


Two rashers of smoked back bacon served with a Cumberland sausage and a slice of Black Pudding, all from our butcher's Mulhollands of Great Orton.  An Embleton free range egg (poached, fried or scrambled), oven baked tomatoes, the potato of the morning, delicious mushrooms and a slice of fried homemade bread.  


Or just bit your favourite bits if you don't fancy it all! 


Two Linda McCartney vegetarian sausages, with an Embleton free range egg (poached, fried or scrambled) and served with a oven baked tomatoes, the potato of the morning, delicous juicy mushrooms, a pot of baked beans and a slice of fried homemade bread.

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