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Sunday Roasts

"Food is better when we eat together..."

As the weekend draws to a close there's nothing better than tucking in to a delicious Sunday roast with friends and family. 


And there's something about having someone else cook it for you (and wash up!), that makes it even better! 

So, why not join us each Sunday for our delicious roasts, served alongside our usual menus from 12pm.  Choose from our choice of roasts, with the usual trimmings for a classic Sunday lunch.


Roast Choices:

Pot - roast Brisket

Our house-roast is loving slow-roasted by Tom,

he gets up each hour to add more red wine to the pot

and check on the tenderness of the meat!  

Alternating Roast

We always have at least one other meat available and

we rotate between locally sourced shoulder of Pork, leg of lamb,

even roast goat as a treat occasionally! 

Vegan Nut Roast

Tom's hearty nut roast is delicious whether you're on a plant based diet or nut. 

Packed full of cranberries, apricots and mixed nuts,

this alternative roast is served with all the usual trimmings. 


Our Sunday roasts are really popular and its been known for us to sell out of

 all 20kg of brisket before 2pm! 

Therefore, to avoid disappointment is is possible to pre-order your roasts before you arrive. 

Each week our roasts for the weekend will be posted on social media, 

once you've made your decision please give us a call to reserve your choices. 

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