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EAT With Us

"Eat, drink and be merry...for tomorrow, we may diet"

We hope you enjoy your time with us and the offerings on our menu.

We aim to use locally-sourced ingredients to create food that showcases Tom's passion and creativity whilst retaining that home- cooked, comfort food feel.


 We are passionate about our food, all sourced locally,  and our menu changes throughout the year to reflect the seasonal produce we acquire from our trusted suppliers.


We work closely with these local companies, such as the Tailored Goat Co., near Penrith, Jimmy Mulholland's butchers at Great Orton, and Thornby Moor Dairy at Crofton to ensure you the best possible produce.


All our meals are cooked from scratch in our kitchen which means we can help those who have particular dietary needs. 

We recommend booking as we only have a small kitchen and we want to ensure you the best meal possible.  Due to current COVID restrictions our maximum table size is 6.  


Evening Meals

Camp Fire


Coming Soon!


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